Post-its and Perfection

                I was having a conversation the other day about office supply stores and how addictive they can be.  Why is that?  I believe it is because when walking through an office supply store, we tend too think we can do anything!  “If I just had those post-its, that calendar, that planner… I would be so much more organized and better with my time-management!”  Can I just say that the difference between being productive and not being productive isn’t something you can buy at an office supply store?  Productivity is not perfection.  We tend to think, I just can’t let a single ball drop.  I have to be perfect, I have to do it all!  But do we?  Do we have to do it all? 

I believe that productivity is a state of mind!  It takes a mindset shift, it means doing the hard things when the easy/fun things are right there and available instead.  It’s about deciding what is truly important in your life and spending your time there. 

I am going to quote Matt Evans again.  He is the pastor at Rock Bridge Community Church here in Dalton, GA and on May 13 he talked about Time and love.  He said,

“You can say with your mouth ‘I love you.’ They may hear your words, but they feel your schedule.” 

I was so challenged by this statement.  I am in a very busy phase of life right now and I must ask myself regularly where my time is going.  I must ask where I am sleeping through life and ask God for forgiveness, grace, mercy, in “waking up” in that area.

Autumn Calabrese says often in her fitness programs,

“If you want something you never had, you need to do something you’ve never done.” 

So, let’s talk about habits.  What habits do you have in your life currently?  Good, bad, neither?  Take stock today.  Nadia Bolz-Weber said in a video titled “No One Has It All” on the Have A Little Faith FaceBook page that during a busy time of life, she realized that her good habits were merely “a list of habits I adopted to over-function.”  What habits in your life did you adopt to simply help you over-function?  Here’s the thing, take time to figure out what is truly important in your life and then look at your time.  Keep a journal of how you spend your time.  What does it say about what you find important? 

Do something you’ve never done before.  Do something that will help you work towards a more purposeful life.  Hear me.  I am not saying to do more.  I am saying to rethink your time and do something new. 

I along with you will be looking at my schedule with new eyes today. 


Lindsey Morales

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